A Fresh New Blog to Aid Me on My Journey to a New Life!!

I used to blog all the time and really enjoyed it…had lots of followers because of the scrapbooking world and my work in it but this blog is going to a be a mix of me and my entire life.

Who am I? I’m a mother, sister, daughter, grand-daughter, girlfriend, cousin, niece, friend, nurse, Scentsy consultant, Pinterest pinner, Facebook addict and a craft lover! I live in a small town in Virginia and work in a North Carolina city at a major trauma/teaching hospital. I love my life and really thoroughly enjoy my job! Sure there are days that make me wonder “What was I thinking?!” but don’t we all have those? I was married for a LONG time and thankfully I put an end to the misery that brought me a few years ago….I have a new love in my life who has taught me that REAL love is possible and has shown me what the meaning of a loving partner really is! I have a son that I absolutely adore and couldn’t imagine my life without him in it…..he is the top priority! He’s twelve going on twenty and I cringe at how quickly he’s growing! I will be the first to admit that I haven’t always done things right with him….shortly after I was separated it was like a crazy and depressed person took over my life and went wild with it! I didn’t know what to do now that I had escaped my prison and was free to be me! It overtook me but I pulled that train back on track and have become a pretty impressive parent if I do say so myself!

What can you expect to see here? My pointless ramblings on life and you might occasionally see me step up on a soap box but just tell me to shut up and get down and I’ll probably listen but no promises! I love humor so you might see me occasionally drop some of that here when I find something funny and I’ll try to keep it off the offensive side but again no promises. Pinterest!! I LOVE that site….it has became my new obsession and I use it for so many aspects of my life. I’m hoping to put my “Pinterest Pin of the Day” up with each posting so that you maybe find a little inspiration of your own. Photography is another love of mine so expect pictures…..lots of them!! My cousin and I both dabble in photography but definitely don’t consider ourselves professionals at all…..just really enjoy it! Scentsy….I love it so much that I started selling it so you will definitely see me put some info here on that as well!! It’s a wonderful product and my house smells beautiful because of it!! It sells itself which has been wonderful  🙂  You will also probably see me share some craft work….I love scrapbooking (paper and digital) and I love all sorts of household crafts. I don’t knit or crochet so you definitely won’t find any of that here but when I do something I love I’m sure you’ll see pics of it! My friend and I are even thinking of starting up Pinterest Sundays while my boyfriend and his friend watch the race each week. Oh and lastly…..you might even see me do some sports related postings if my teams are playing.

What do I mean by “My Journey to a New Life”? Well, like I mentioned I was married to someone who put me through a great deal of emotional distraught and convinced me that I was worthless and ruined me financially on top of that. The only good thing I have to say there is that he is a good dad, all other aspects….FAIL! I am finally on the way to a new and better ME! I want to be more loving and I’m doing that every day with my son and boyfriend. I want to be more financially sound and I’m getting there every day! I’m strongly considering Dave Ramsey and seeing how that helps my finances. I am on the way to redesigning my body….I’m not doing so great with that right now but getting back on track and hoping to go in the right direction! There are lots of changes that I want to make….I want to be the person my mom would have wanted me to be and that’s a lot to live up to.

I think that’s enough ramblings just to let you get to know me a little more. Before I go I’d like to leave you with my Pinterest Pin of the Day! I just absolutely LOVED this Halloween wreath and yes I know that we are no where near to that time of the year but it might take me that long to figure out how to make this one, LOL!! Check this out:

Source: etsy.com via Andrea on Pinterest